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Tree Planting

Rock Springs Forestry provides Tree Planting services to its clients.

Rock Springs Forestry, Inc. has planted over 100,000 acres (over 50,000,000 seedlings) since we started in 2000. We have planted for private landowners, State and Federal government agencies, local municipalities, and large corporations.  The tracts that we have planted have ranged from less than one acre to over 500. Most of the planting has been loblolly pine, but we also have experience with planting longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, and many species of hardwoods. We have planted bare root and containerized seedlings, and we have planted with shelters, mats, and stakes when necessary for hardwood projects.

A member of the Rock Springs Forestry, Inc. team is on site every day for our planting projects. We subcontract our laborers, so we are on site to supervise and inspect the quality of the job for the entire duration of the day.