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Timber Appraisals

In addition to selling timber and managing timber for the next rotation, we also provide timber appraisals. We are not certified real estate appraisers, but we are qualified to provide a timber only appraisal. We have performed some timber appraisals for certified real estate appraisers since they are typically not qualified to determine timber values, but need the timber value to complete their report.

Clients often ask us to appraise timber when they are interested in buying or selling tracts of land to help to them in determining an estimate of the market value. We can either do a “walk through” type of an appraisal or a more involved timber appraisal where we perform an inventory cruise similar to what we would do for a timber sale. We have also done timber appraisals for estate planning purposes and tax purposes, as well as contract cruising for timber buyers.

The scope of work and the cost of the appraisal are determined by the level of accuracy desired/required.