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Other Forestry Management Services

Planting and spraying are by far the largest parts of our forest management activities, but we also provide other services, including:

Prescribed Burning

Rock Springs Forestry provides Prescribed Burning services for our clients.

We perform both site preparation and understory burning. Burning is very under-utilized in the forestry community today due to restrictive laws and insurance premiums, but we feel that burning is still one of the best tools available for many of our clients’ objectives.






Pre-Commercial Thinning

Rock Springs Forestry provides pre-commercial thinning for our clients.

Some stands become overstocked with natural pine seedlings. The best way to achieve the proper stocking for a juvenile stand is to mechanically reduce the stocking. We orgainize the pre-commercial thinning crews and are onsite regularly to supervise and inspect their performance on behalf of our clients.






Mechanical Site Preparation

In order to begin the next rotation on some sites, mechanical site preparation is required. If the debris is too dense or the soil conditions are too wet, or a combination of the two, v-shearing, bedding, windrowing, etc. may be necessary. We can coordinate and supervise these activities as needed.


Rock Springs Forestry provides fertilization for our clients.Fertilization is an excellent option to increase the value of your stand. There is no doubt that the use of fertilizer increases the growth of the timber. However, due to the rising cost of fertilizer in recent years, the return on investment has not been as favorable as it once was.