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Timber Sales

Timber sales are sometimes only a once in a lifetime event for our clients, so we provide our input to allow that client to make an informed decision on when and how to sell their timber. We use our knowledge of the timber markets and our familiarity with prospective buyers to market the timber on behalf of the client to generate as much income as possible.

There are many ways to sell timber, and there are several factors to consider in determining which way would be the best plan of action for a tract. Client preference, the size of the tract, the type of timber, the soil type and soil conditions on the tract, logging access, whether being sold as a clearcut or thinning, etc. are all factors that influence which way would generate the most revenue for the landowner while still meeting their objectives. Timber can either be sold by sealed bid or by negotiating a price, and can either be lump sum or per unit.

When our clients ask us to sell their timber, we locate and mark the stand boundaries, as well as mark any streamside management zones within the sale area. We will typically perform an inventory cruise to establish volumes of the products within the stand, depending on the type of sale. Following marketing the timber and reaching an agreeable price with a buyer using one of the methods listed above, we review the deed/contract with the buyer on behalf of our client and then monitor the logging operation regularly to ensure compliance. When the timber harvest is complete, we then advise our client on how to continue with their forestry management to meet their objectives.